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Unique solutions to your dog's unique situation


Behavioral Assessment ($300)

Each dog and family is unique.

Any treatment must start with a good understanding of the situation. We assess not only the dog but also its context. Fundamentally, a dog behaves in response to its environment, and it's typically the dog–owner unit that requires change.

Each dog is assessed on their personality, behavior in urban situations, reactions to issue triggers, and suitability to relevant treatment options. We must be able to witness the unwanted behaviors, so the more exposure we can safely get to the dog’s triggers, the better.

The assessment begins at the owner's place for about an hour, after which we decide if we need more time at the house or elsewhere. We might spend a total of 2–5 hours with the dog.

By the end of the day, the owners will be given a summarized diagnosis and, within a week, a full Behavioral Assessment Report, along with a proposed Work Plan and package options for the treatment moving forward.

The assessment fee goes towards the cost of any contracted package.


Behavioral Treatment ($100–$150/session)

Based on the dog's Work Plan and package hired by the owner, we will build a suitable Work Schedule. A common schedule consists of 1–2 sessions per week for a number of consecutive weeks relevant to each case. Most work must be done where most issues occur, usually at or around the owner's house.

Behavioral improvement is often a medium to long-term process. This amount of work commonly can only (and should) be done by the owners. As such, a foundation of any Work Plan is transferring the applicable knowledge and skills to the owners. 

A dog is not a product you can leave at the shop to fix and pick up later. A dog is an individual that needs a healthy relationship with its family. Only hire us if you are willing to put in the work and are open to potential adjustments in your lifestyle. If this is you, we are here to help.

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